Marine History


MAC Boats ® first started business in Tauranga New Zealand in 1986 originally designed by Gary MacDougall. This is how the name MAC originated. The first boat was a polyethylene 2.1 metre dinghy. This dinghy was a great success with national sales and exports to Japan, Canada, U.S.A and Australia. Due to the success a 3.4 metre boat was introduced into the range. Both of these boats are still being sold some 20 years later.
In 1988, Plasma Boat Corporation Ltd developer the first pontoon MAC Boat at 5.7 metres. The design of the MAC 5.7 is the basis of the current design that is being used by MAC Boats today.

The MAC 5.7 is also very successful with sales being made into both commercial and recreational markets. Sales to the King of Tonga, King Tauta’ahau Tupou V1, Pearl divers in Tahiti, commercial diving schools and commercial dive boats in Rarotonga are some of the sales internationally achieved during this period. These boats are still in commercial operation today.

Trialed & Tested

Mac Boats are Build to:

  • MSA Standards (Maritime New Zealand)
  • US COAST GUARD Standards
  • CE Certification (Europe)
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ECO Smart


Galloway International Ltd

are proud members of the New Zealand marine Association of Rotational Molders Australasia. These certifications mean that all our processes, from boat design and manufacturing through to raw materials and finished products are certified to meet the highest design and manufacturing standards.

"Bought a MAC 420 with a 30 Yamaha tiller steer. Put a pedestal and seat at the back, another opposite side midships. Had a custom bow-rail made for it, what a fishing machine it is. Very balanced and planned very well. Awesome boat!"

Rodger P


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